The boardwalk at Lost Flora Fen. Photo: Kim Johnsen

Adding NLI sites to state lists provide more information about their natural conservation assets and provides more layers of protection for the future.

Getting NLI preserves added to State of Illinois conservation lists is another important step in protecting the land in perpetuity. Last month the Natural Areas Executive Committee approved our nomination for both Lost Flora Fen (Cat. 2) and Burr Oak Valley Preserve (Cat. 3) to be added to the Illinois Natural Areas InventoryThe Illinois Natural Areas Inventory (INAI) provides a set of information about high quality natural areas, habitats of endangered species, and other significant natural features. INAI Category Descriptions: Cat. I = High quality natural community and natural community restorations Cat. II = Specific suitable habitat for state-listed species or state-listed species relocations Cat. III = State dedicated Nature Preserves, Land and Water Reserves, & Natural Heritage Landmarks Cat.

Becoming a Nature Preserve

Burr Oak Valley Preserve was on the January 26th Illinois Nature Preserves Commission meeting agenda and approved for preliminary dedication as a Nature Preserve. Final approval will be at their meeting in May.

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