End of Year Appeal – Bell Bowl Prairie

Hope is alive! Bell Bowl Prairie is still here.

Natural Land Institute and other Bell Bowl Prairie advocates continue to work on saving this rare, ancient prairie. It hasn’t been destroyed yet.

Even though the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service recently ended their consultation process and agreed with the Federal Aviation Administration that the expansion of the Chicago Rockford International Airport and construction of a road through Bell Bowl Prairie “may affect, but is not likely to adversely affect” the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, we are still working with our legal team to determine the best options moving forward to protect this prairie, and we are still seeking support through many conversations with local and state elected officials to ensure this prairie will not be destroyed and will be protected forever.

Hope is not lost. The work is not over.

We continue to need your help in our efforts to save Bell Bowl Prairie.

Will you please donate today to ensure we can continue to fight to protect this unique and endangered prairie?

Donate today using the form below.

This thoughtless destruction must be stopped,
because once Bell Bowl Prairie is gone, it is gone forever!

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