The mighty oak tree knows which way is up. Photo: Rob Clark


by Kaitlyn Tibbetts

We try to paint it
and name it,
but try as we might, we cannot contain it.
It flourishes in every crevice
of this beautifully designed earth.
Through the wisps of the clouds
and the rushing of the waters,
I can see beauty’s magnificent birth.
Nothing is as precious;
nothing is equal in worth.
From the blossoming pink
of a timid tulip,
to the thick brown bark
of an oak tree,
nature is proven to be
a delicately sculpted thing,
crafted by the caring hands
of a marvelous Creator with a great plan.
An Artist who inspired the world
by His works,
commanding mountains into existence
and the earth into orbit.
The glorious sky
leaves an imprintation on my mind,
making it impossible to forget.


April is National Poetry Month and since we like to celebrate nature with poetry and prose we’re going to share with you throughout the month some of the poems (and prose) from our own anthology called NATURAL VOICES: CELEBRATING NATURE THROUGH OPENED EYES. There are 14 authors in the book and one author’s name will be drawn randomly each time we post a poem or prose excerpt from the book until all authors have been represented. Check our news blog regularly for the poem/prose posts. Read more about National Poetry Month here:

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