Certified Conservation@Home

NLI Trustee, Mark Luthin, visited the Kessler/Hachmeister home on Sep. 9, 2020 and certified their yard as a Conservation@Home site. Here is what he said about his visit:

It’s easy to rely on Google Maps to locate an address, following the directions that Google has determined is the precise location that a person seeks. To locate Emily Kessler and her husband, Joshua Hachmeister’s, house in Pecatonica, however, I quickly realized that all I had to do is glance up from my phone and look for the wildflowers. In a city block that has mowed and manicured lawns, the Kessler home is in sharp contrast, greeting the visitor with a wide variety of native prairie plants, from Monarda and milkweed, to asters and sunflowers.

Emily described the many species of butterflies that visited her yard, some laying eggs and forming chrysalises throughout the summer. Birds were also welcomed, with feeding stations and seeds from plants to eat. The plants are left up all winter to allow for overwintering insects. Hazel, with a little help from her mom, pulled up a gigantic carrot from one of their organic garden beds.

Any rain that happened to fall this summer was diverted into nine different rain barrels for use in their gardens. It is apparent that the Kessler/Hachmeister’s live a healthy lifestyle, and they extend that health to the environment.




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