Land Preservation

Natural Land Institute envisions a world in which people recognize that they are a part of nature and act with the knowledge that the future depends upon preserving the natural systems that support all life on Earth. One of the ways we work to attain this vision is through land preservation. We have been working with private land owners to preserve forests, prairies and wetlands for native plants and animals, restoring habitat for wildlife and protecting rivers and streams for fish and other aquatic species since 1958.

Protect Your Land

Joanne and Hascy Tarbox purchased fifty acres of woods and pasture land along Silver Creek in the early 1940s as a young married couple. She was an elementary school teacher and he was a commercial artist. They kept the land as a refuge for wildlife, and he enjoyed painting the birds and other animals, and she brought her students to visit the property on the last day of school to look for frogs, birds and wildflowers. After Hascy died, she remarried and moved away, but always cherished the idea that one day the land would be used for teaching children about the wonder of nature.

Joanne eventually contacted the Natural Land Institute to discuss how she could fulfill her dream of making the land into a nature preserve for educational use. After exploring her financial needs, and who could best fulfill her wishes, she agreed to donate the land to the local Audubon Society that runs educational programs for schools, and to protect the property with a conservation easement held by the Natural Land Institute. She benefited from tax savings for the donation, but mostly she had the peace of mind that the land she loved would remain a haven for wildlife, forever.

The Natural Land Institute has been helping private land owners protect natural land they cherish for more than fifty years. We pride ourselves on being able to find the right land protection option that is best for the owner and for the land. Sometime the best option is to purchase the land or a conservation easement on the land, to donate the land to NLI, or another conservation organization or agency, or to leave the property to NLI in their will or trust.

Whatever your financial needs, we will work with you to find the best option to protect your land for future generations. Our discussion is confidential. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your land and your conservation options. Please call, or e-mail us to explore your land protection options. Visit our contact page.

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