Bluff along the Apple River on the Rhodes property, a new land acquisition by NLI; photo from the IL Clean Energy Community Foundation

We are excited to announce that NLI closed on the 149-acre Rhodes Property in Jo Daviess County on May 31. This adds to the Apple River Canyon Land and Water Reserve area, which is home to six threatened or endangered species.

Barbara Williams conducted bat monitoring at this site for us and the results confirmed existence of the Federally-endangered Indiana bat. The Conservation Fund, which supports conservation acquisition projects that will protect and restore habitat for federally-protected bat species and migratory birds, provided financial support to help with bat mitigation efforts at this site.

Thank you to our funders who made it possible: Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, Grand Victoria Foundation and The Conservation Fund.

Thank you to our partner, Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation, which will help us with the stewardship and ecological restoration of this preserve.

Jim and Kitty Rhodes, the sellers of the property, have pledged to contribute $25,000 to the long-term stewardship fund so the land they love and wish to see protected forever will receive the care and management that is needed.

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