Photos: Mark Blassage

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Nestled along Raccoon Creek, midway between Nygren Wetland Preserve and the Wisconsin border, is a natural property containing many rare and endangered plants, as well as unusual butterflies, dragonflies and wildlife. LOST FLORA FEN was first cataloged by Dr. Egbert Fell in 1947; lost until a recent inventory by Natural Land Institute staff discovered more than 250 native plant species. The property includes the northwind bog orchid (last seen in 1871) and rare fen and sedge meadow species. NLI is acquiring the property through a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, matched by funds from a bequest to NLI.

Fen: peat-forming wetlands that receive nutrients from groundwater sources. Often covered by grasses, sedges, rushes and wildflowers and capable of supporting a diverse plant and animal community. Photo: Jill Kennay

How Will the Funds be Used?

Funds raised from this appeal will be used to meet some of the requirements of the Illinois Clean Energy Grant. Phase One includes providing access to the site by constructing a small parking lot, as well as creating a trail, a boardwalk over the wetland area, and signage. In addition, drainage tiles will be capped to restore wetlands. To make these and other improvements, NLI needs to raise $24,000. We are excited to ready this property for you- our members and supporters – so you can share in the adventure!

Help us reach our goal of raising $24,000. Please complete the form below to donate.  Please fill out the form below to make a donation to Lost Flora Fen.


Great Plains Ladies’-tresses, found on the property. Photo: Ed Cope

The rare Fen Black-eyed Susan, undocumented since 1947, hosts a Pearl Crescent butterfly. Photo: Mark Blassage




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