Pictured here is the rare Fen Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia sullivantii), with a Pearl Crescent butterfly, discovered in the meadow at Lost Flora Fen. Photo by Mark Blassage.

We are excited to announce that NLI recently closed on the Lost Flora Fen, so we are now the proud owners of another 40 acres of protected land in the Raccoon Creek Watershed!

Lost Flora Fen is nestled along Raccoon Creek, midway between Nygren Wetland Preserve and the Wisconsin border. It is a natural property containing many rare and endangered plants, as well as unusual butterflies, dragonflies and wildlife. Lost Flora Fen was first cataloged by Dr. Egbert Fell in 1947; lost until a recent inventory by Natural Land Institute staff discovered over 250 native plant species. The property includes the northwind bog orchid (last seen in 1871) and rare fen and sedge meadow species. This property was acquired through a bequest in memory of Veronica and Steven Cramer and a grant from Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.

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