Dear Friend,           

     Well. This. Is. Intense. We are going through extraordinary times. The Board and staff of NLI think of you every day.  We know that all non-profits, including conservation land trusts, are hard hit by the economic and health effects of this pandemic.  I am writing to let you know what we are doing and that even though we are isolated, to remember that this is work that we are all doing together, this work of keeping the earth alive and breathing. Thank you for your commitment to supporting this web of life right here in your local and regional community.

     Our priorities continue to be stewarding NLI as a long-lived organization as we workday in and day out healing this planet, right here in your local region. This work is more crucial now than ever. You and me, we are the ordinary people who in some sense are extraordinary in our support for this web of life that in turn supports us. We are nurturing ourselves as we encourage nature through our stewardship to create and clean air, the air we breathe and the water we drink. This work brings us all to an awareness of the profound sense of our place in this web. 

     Because of the long term commitment we have to protecting our natural world in perpetuity, we are carefully monitoring our revenue and expenses so that we can quickly adapt.  We are committed to caring for our dedicated staff and grateful to you, our solid donor base of loyal annual members and donors. We have strong leadership in our board, and high-quality professional staff to keep us effective and vibrant over the long haul. We have good news today!  Our bank, BMO Harris, submitted and approved our application for the federal Payroll Protection loan. We have received two months’ worth of salary for our staff! We are grateful and this will really help. If we use it for payroll, it may be forgiven.

     Because uncertainty abounds, please know that we are working to assure that NLI is a long-lived organization persevering into the future with dedication and passion.

     As I write, there is a sense of urgency and also a profound sense of purpose, as I know many of you also have. I recognize that our purpose is to be stewards to this web of life that we all are a part of. Your participation as a volunteer, member and donor is an expression of your purpose and an expression of what you value in life.  Little things remind us…such as the glorious bird song bursting out in the mornings! Even with our trauma, the birds are so happy as they go about their business of building their nests to support their families!

       We are grateful for your past support and look forward to a passion filled new decade of on the ground effective conservation. Your support through your time, energy and enthusiasm ensures that not only do migrating birds and creatures have a place where they can belong, and that supports their well-being, but that you have a place to find peace in a trauma filled, changing world.  Your engagement has so much impact on these wonderful places we are protecting and managing, and a profound impact on your quality of life! It is the reason we are able to keep these places open, alive and healthy for all creatures, and for your well-being. 

     Join us in remembering our connection with this wonderful web of life.  I am inviting you to share stories, videos, and photos of your journeys into nature as we navigate these critical times. Nature is our solace. We would love for you to share your experiences.

     The uniqueness of this land and the deep history of our sense of place is preserved for all time with our promise of perpetuity. We are the ordinary yet extraordinary ones, feeling the rhythms of the interconnection of the diversity of all life in its fullness. Share your and your families journeys with us as we all connect together in new ways.

     Please continue to be a part of this critical work that is so crucial now more than ever.   I invite you to continue to walk the path with us, come with us on the trail and experience all that nature provides. 


Kerry Leigh
Executive Director

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