NLI Expands Protected Area With New Land Acquisition

NLI staff and board members visited a potential new preserve in November (pictured to the right) and are now excited to announce that we closed on that 42.28-acre property on December 15. This new land acquisition located on Fitzgerald Road in Rockford, Illinois connects two of NLI’s preserves, Lind Shagbark and McGeachie Woods Preserves, and expands this protected natural area, with high quality woods and an open field that will be restored to prairie, to 54.48 acres.

Thank you to a generous grant from Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, and donations from individuals that matched the grant, we were able to purchase the land to protect in perpetuity.

This newly expanded area will be called Lind-McGeachie Preserve and will be open to the public with trails toward the end of 2021.

The new land acquisition is outlined in red, and the other two existing NLI preserves are highlighted in yellow.

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