Whooping cranes visited Nygren Wetland Preserve in 2009, along with Sandhill cranes, Canada geese and many other types of water birds. Photo: John Longhenry

by Dr. Karen Blake Ruffner

Restore a species—
Now whooping crane migration.
Nygren Wetlands. Rest.

Restoring prairie.
Restoring prairie people.
Souls rooted to land.

Winter worn plantings.
Sunshine warms wet earth below.
Budding signals spring.

Spring sings in prairies.
Sunflowers, wild bergamot
Welcome all Warblers.

Pollinators buzz
On rainbow flower ocean—
Sail on sea of spring.

Coneflowers, cup plants,
Prairie dock and ironweed.
Diversity reigns.

Badgers, bald eagles,
Red fox, turtles, owls and cranes
Survive and thrive here.

Brown stalks wave in wind.
Seeds spilled and spread in summer
Are next spring’s surprise.

The moonshine shadows
Are long cast from crooked limbs
Stretching shapes and minds.

Land is my refuge.
Nygren calls to open hearts.
This is part of us.


April is National Poetry Month and we are celebrating by sharing with you throughout the month some of the poems (and prose) from our own nature themed anthology called NATURAL VOICES: CELEBRATING NATURE THROUGH OPENED EYES. There are 14 authors in the book and one author’s name will be drawn randomly each time we post a poem or prose excerpt from the book until all authors have been represented. Check our news blog regularly for the poem/prose posts.

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