The Kanes Practice Conservation Throughout Their Front and Back Yards.

Diane and Dan Kane of Clinton, Wisconsin are NLI’s most recently certified Conservation@Home recipients. The Kanes proudly showed off the variety of native gardens in their front and back yards, and described the planning of each garden. Their front yard has a nice variety of native species, most labelled with tags. On the corner of their lot is a nice shade garden, which was quite colorful in the spring while the Virginia Bluebells were in bloom. They even left a dead tree standing to provide habitat and feeding areas for 3 species of woodpeckers. Walking into the well shaded back yard, a variety of native plants and shrubs provide food for pollinators and birds.

While Diane talked about the plants and the various gardens in the yard, Dan’s contribution dealt with water flow through the yard. Rather than allowing runoff from their roof and the neighbor’s yard, a series of french drains, rain barrels, berms and strategic plantings allows their yard to absorb most, if not all, of the water that touches their property. Using electric mulching mowers, composting and not using pesticides allowed the Kanes to complete every item on the Conservation@Home checklist.

Diane is an Environmental Sciences teacher at Belvidere High School and Dan is the Executive Director of Boone County Conservation District.

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