Burr Oak Valley Preserve

This preserve, nestled in the rolling hills of Roscoe, Illinois, is one of the few natural areas in the area untouched by development. Remnant dolomite prairies, oak savannas, restored prairie and woodlands provide habitat for shrubland, grassland and savanna birds and other wildlife, and protects the water quality of runoff into the creek.

To read about the history of how this preserve came to be and what NLI is doing to restore the native habitat that has been impacted by the encroachment of non-native invasive species click here: The History and Restoration_Burr Oak Valley

Read the 2016 monitoring report about birds and butterflies that call Burr Oak Valley home. Click here: Bur Oak Final Bird Report Apr.Oct2016

Visit the information page for Burr Oak Valley Preserve here:  

Pecatonica Woodlands Preserve

Pecatonica Woodlands is wild and natural. Click here to view information on the protected Pecatonica Woodlands.

Turtle Monitoring

Click here to view information on turtle monitoring.

Kinnikinnick Fields

Protecting 70 Acres in Northern Illinois. Click here to view information on Kinnikinnick Fields.

Kishwaukee River Corridor Green Infrastructure Plan

The Kishwaukee River Corridor Green Infrastructure Plan is centered in an area of Winnebago County with significant natural and recreational resources. This area has been identified as a new industrial development corridor, making it an ideal site to incorporate green infrastructure concepts and principles into the development plans. Recognizing this opportunity, the Kishwaukee River Ecosystem Partnership (KREP) sought funding to provide green infrastructure information and technical assistance to the local jurisdictions in the development corridor. Click here to view information on Kishwaukee River Corridor Green Infrastructure Plan and click here to view the Executive Summary.

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