Natural Land Institute has been fighting the growth of bush honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) in the wooded areas of our preserves for many years. Bush honeysuckle (from Asia) doesn’t have natural competitors here and therefore, grows aggressively making it impossible for other plants and trees to produce wherever it grows. A healthy wildlife habitat needs a variety of plants and animals. We know what it does to the land, but until recently, we didn’t know about honeysuckle’s impact on water.

A study conducted by a team from Northern Kentucky University found that leaves from bush honeysuckle that fall into water produces an undesirable effect on the quality of the water, as well as harm aquatic species, such as the wood frog. Read more about it here:

Call the NLI office at 815/964-6666 (or send an email to to request one or both of the following brochures be mailed to you. They provide great tips on what to plant in your yard: “Healthy Hedges” and “Healthy Home Landscapes”.

Wood frog. Photo:

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