by Mary Caskey

Forget trying to understand physics.
Forget becoming a theologian.

You only need to drink up the blazing sunrise
sweeping color across gray dawn,

finger soft clumps of Siberian iris
thats blossomed overnight,

sharpen your gaze on the lone pink columbine
springing from a sandstone cliff,

soak in the rising new moon
commanding a darkening sky

watch a mother cardinal,
and dad too, feeding their baby,

that’s all you need
to love the world.


April is National Poetry Month and we are celebrating by sharing with you throughout the month some of the poems (and prose) from our own nature themed anthology called NATURAL VOICES: CELEBRATING NATURE THROUGH OPENED EYES. There are 14 authors in the book and one author’s name will be drawn randomly each time we post a poem or prose excerpt from the book until all authors have been represented. Check our news blog regularly for the poem/prose posts.

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