Apple River running through Townsend Glade

New Illinois Land and Water Reserve

NLI is pleased that to announce that Townsend Glade, located in Jo Daviess County, was approved in September as an Illinois Land and Water Reserve by the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission.




Bluff along the Apple River, Townsend Glade

NLI purchased Townsend Glade in 2018 and referred to it as the Rhodes Property until this past summer when it was officially named, “Townsend Glade” as approved by the Natural Land Institute Board of Trustees. The 149 acre preserve with Apple River running through the northwest corner consists of cliff communities along the river, remnant prairies, woodlands, and floodplain grassland.





At the entrance to Townsend Glade

Lands and waters of Illinois that support significant natural heritage or archaeological resources qualify for Land and Water Reserve status, an important land protection tool. Notably, this area has habitat that supports six threatened or endangered species and the Federally-endangered Indiana bat was found here in a bat survey.


Grants to purchase the property came from the Grand Victoria Foundation Vital Lands Program, from Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, and in part by funding as mitigation for impacts to bat habitat caused by the construction and maintenance of the Enbridge Pipelines, LLC, Flanagan South Pipeline in partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and The Conservation Fund.

The grantors gave NLI short term restoration and endowment stewardship funds to manage the preserve. These funders all required information from NLI about community support to determine the sustainability of NLI. This was to make sure NLI had the capacity to manage this preserve before granting the funds.

Jim and Kitty Rhodes had long wanted to sell their land to an established conservation group to be protected in perpetuity. Thank you to them, and to all of the funders and donors for making this important acquisition possible.

This preserve is open to the public. Location: 5944 East Townsend Road, Stockton, IL 61085. For more information and directions: 


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