Volunteer Opportunities

The Natural Land Institute has many opportunities available for volunteer service. Please view the descriptions of the various jobs. Give us a call at (815) 964-6666 if you have any questions about taking part in saving nature in our region.

Stewardship Days

Individuals or groups who wish to participate in one of weekly or monthly volunteer Stewardship Days should contact Zach Grycan, Director of Stewardship, for more information and to confirm participation at 920-912-4338,  zgrycan@naturalland.org or Ed Cope, Restoration Ecologist, at 815-601-4665, ecope@naturalland.org. Contact Christopher Reisetter, Site Steward for Howard D. Colman Dells Nature Preserve, to be notified about volunteer stewardship days there, reistterc@gmail.com, or text him at 815/985-7208. Contact Dion Faith, Site Steward, to let him know if you want to help at Silver Creek Woods Preserve, docfaith68@yahoo.com, 815/520-6916.

  • Burr Oak Valley Preserve | First Saturday and Second Monday
  • Nygren Wetland Preserve | Weekly on Wednesday
  • Silver Creek Woods Preserve | Third Saturday
  • Howard D. Colman Dells Nature Preserve | Selected Days

You are welcome to help during the entire time listed for that stewardship day or for part of the day. Please let Zach, Ed or one of the other volunteer coordinators know what time to expect you. Please Click Here For Stewardship Volunteer Calendar

Volunteer Monitoring Training

If you would like more information about becoming a Volunteer Monitor, please email Zach at zgrycan@naturalland.org.

  • Please click here to view the Volunteer Monitoring Training Manual.
  • Please click here to view the Volunteer Monitoring Training PowerPoint.

Outreach Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Kim Johnsen, Director of Marketing and Membership about the following opportunities at kjohnsen@naturalland.org or 815/964-6666. Set up displays and distribute information at events

  • Help spread the word about the work of Natural Land Institute.

Education Committee

  • Members of this committee help Natural Land Institute staff educate youth about natural areas while assisting with land stewardship activities.

Marketing & Membership Committee

  • Members of this committee work on recruiting new members for NLI, plan and work at events, and help with promotional efforts



Benefits of volunteering for seniors: https://www.aginginplace.org/how-to-volunteer-as-a-senior/